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St Martin's Church of England Primary School

Supporting your child - Homework and Reading

From January 2013, we have changed our homework policy slightly.  Each child will still be expected to learn their relevant times tables and spellings weekly.  They will also be given a piece of maths homework once a fortnight; however there will now be weekly English homework linked to their spellings.  There will be a big emphasis on grammar and punctuation.  Children will be expected to write a minimum of five sentences, each sentence must include at least one of the week's spellings in the correct context.  All sentences must be correctly punctuated and there will be a different grammar focus each week.

Regular Reading:

At school we are celebrating children who read regularly, and they will be awarded with a certificate to recognise 10, 20 and 30 weeks of regular reading.  


We thank parents/carers for continually supporting in their child's learning, and we would like to remind you of the importance that your child reads regularly to an adult. We ask that all children read to an adult a minimum of three times a week, this then needs to be recorded in their reading record book.


Even once children become a confident reader, it is still important that they read out aloud as they can practise their tone and expression, and can also discuss the text to ensure their understanding.  If parents would like any advice, or support with this please don't hesitate to ask your class teacher.  If any parent is able to give a few hours a week to listen to readers this would be appreciated, we can offer support and phonic training if needed. 

If you have any queries concerning the homework, please contact your class teacher.  
Letters have been sent home via your child, outlining information on Homework and supportig your child with Reading.