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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

5JE - Mrs Jones/Mrs Evans

5C - Mr Cottis

5S - Miss Short




2019/2020 DATES & EVENTS

Drum Workshop:  The Year 5 classes all had an opportunity to play a range of African Drums and percussions instruments during a workshop at the start of Term 2. The children enjoyed it and will continue to use the school African Drums during the remainder of the year.  


Thank you to Roger Sansom from the North Somerset Music Service who led the workshop.


Explorer Dome Visit: Year 5 classes were visited by Explorer Dome on 8th November. The children had an exciting opportunity to visit the Dome to learn more about Light which links to their Science Topic. Trained presenters, Matina and Josh, showed the children a range of experiments which demonstrated the colours in the light spectrum, how light is mixed to make white, also how shadows are formed and proved that light travels in straight lines.Year 5 really enjoyed the experience and will be writing recounts about their time inside the Dome next week.


Monday 14th October 2019 3.00-5.00pm: 

Year 5 Movie Night, letter sent home.  Payable via ParentPay.


2018/2019 Events

Author Visit on Wednesday 3rd July:  The Year 4 and Year 5 classes will be visited by author Will Mabbitt.  For further details please see letter below.


Year 5 First Aid Training: The Year 5 classes completed their first aid learning with St John Ambulance during Term 5. Each class completed a day of training which included the primary survey (DRABC), recovery position, dealing with choking, dressing a wound etc. Well done to our Year 5 pupils!

The St John Ambulance trainer commented on how much she had enjoyed working with the children at St Martin’s School.


Big Bang Science Fair April 2019:  A group of Year 5 pupils attended the Big Bang Science Fair at the Winter Gardens together with other local schools.  Our pupils really enjoyed the afternoon and here are a couple of quotes from 2 of our children who took part:

“When we went to the Science Fair, on Friday, we visited different stalls.  One of my favourite stalls that we went on was the VR because we flew around a training station.  I also enjoyed the static electricity where my hair stuck up.  We went on a Liquid Nitrogen stall too, where they froze a flower and we broke the petals off.  I really enjoyed the Science Fair and hope to go next year too.  Meggie class 5C.”


“3 other pupils and I went to a Science Fair at the Winter Gardens.  One of my favourite activities was the VR because you got to teleport around a train station and use lasers.  I also enjoyed the liquid nitrogen because they froze a flower.  They also boiled a kettle with the liquid nitrogen and it started to freeze.  I had a great time at the Science Fair and would love to go again next year.  Lizzie class 5C.”


Year 5 Fleet Air Arm Museum Visit 3rd April: The Y5 classes enjoyed their trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum as part of their WWII topic. They had the opportunity to take part in workshops and a museum discovery tour led by guides from the museum.


“When we went on the tour we watched a 3D visual projection show which included an animation of an aircraft carrier. We also learnt about what it would be like to be an evacuee during in the WWII. We also looked at belongings which a typical evacuee would have owned. We all made our own gas mask boxes. We chose a child from each class to be an air raid warden and we held a pretend air raid. It was a really interesting trip and we learnt a lot!” Lily class 5G.


Year 5 Care Home Visits: Year 5 classes attended 3 local Care Homes (Jasmine Court, Nashley House and Acer Care Home) to share their recent learning about World War II and sang a variety of songs along this theme to the residents. The residents shared their WWII memories and stories with the children.


WASPS Performance at Weston Playhouse Theatre 14th March: 14 pupils from Year 5 performed a selection of songs with actions at the Weston Playhouse Theatre as part of the WASPS Singing and Instrumental Festival.  They performed alongside 7 other local Weston Primary Schools.  Well done to all of our pupils involved and their amazing singing and enthusiasm.  



(Solar System - Year 5 topic display)

Just a reminder about some of the websites we use at school to help children learn that you can also access at home!


Edshed:   Spelling Shed and Maths Shed

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Times Tables Rock Stars: (pupils already have their own log in and password)


Reading Eggs:  (pupils have log in details)
This website has links to lots of maths games that are both computer and tablet  



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Espresso online gives children access to useful resources to help them with their learning, covering a range of subjects.  A reminder of log in details has been sent home via email to parents.