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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

3E - Mrs Emery

3BH - Mrs Bassett/Miss Hodge


CURRICULUM OVERVIEW: For the latest Curriculum Termly Topic for Year 3, please see links at the bottom of this page.

For Subject Overviews, Year Group Overviews and Learning Organisers please visit our >> Curriculum page


Year 3 Bristol Museum Visit on Tuesday 21st June 2022: (see letter below for more details, copy sent out via SchoolPing 11th May).


3E Guided Reading Term 5:   3E have been reading the story "Into the Forest" written by Anthony Browne. 3E made predictions about the story and what they thought might happen based on the front cover and the blurb. For their first read, 3E shared the story with the children in Reception, focusing on using expression to interest their audience.


The Reception children showed amazing listening skills and also asked the 3E children lots of questions about the story.

3E loved reading to Reception and hope to do it again soon!


Class 3BH DT/Art Project Term 4: 


For DT the children worked on their measuring, sawing and joining skills.


In art, they have been working on perspective and using watercolours to make wonderful river pictures. 


We are very impressed! 




Wessex Water Educational Visit, Cannington - 8th March 2022:

Year 3 enjoyed their trip to Wessex Water and took part in lots of river activities - naming and investigating the features of a river, building dams and taking a tour of a reservoir!

The children also enjoyed building dens by the river side and meeting the local swans! It was a little bit chilly - but they all had an amazing day!




World Book Day 25th Anniversary - 3rd March:  Year 3 children enjoyed finding new books to read through Book Tasting Café events.  They looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite book characters.



Year 3 have been learning about the rainforest during Term 3. In Art we have been practicing sketching and painting Monstera leaves. For homework we learnt how to draw a treefrog. Here is some of the amazing art work 3BH have produced.







(Year 3 Christingle Service at St Martin’s Church)


Clifton Cathedral: On 7th December, a group of Year 3 children went to Clifton Cathedral to take part in North Somerset’s Christmas Celebration. The children were all fantastic and sang a selection of songs beautifully. They listened carefully to the Bible readings and some of the children took turns at the lectern reading prayers which they had written together in school. The leader of the celebration commented on what lovely prayers the children had written and how clearly they all read.

They were an absolute credit to our school and should be really proud of themselves!



Iron Age WOW Day: During Term 3, Year 3 had an amazing time on their Iron Age WOW Day and the children took part in ‘Warrior training’. The children observed Celtic patterns and then designed their own shield. They had fun using contrasting colours to paint their shields and decorated a spear tip and thoroughly enjoyed the day!



Term 1: Here is a selection of examples of 3E's amazing art work! The children have started their sketching journey on drawing a Woolly Mammoth.  They followed steps as a class to draw their first ever Woolly Mammoth!
We were very impressed with the results.  Well done 3E!


2020/2021 Events

Egyptian Topic Term 5 and 6:

Year 3 have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians. 


These are 3BH completed Egyptian Sarcophagus which the children have made during Term 6; they used templates to make a pattern, cut them out and learnt to do the backstitch! Then turned them inside out and stuffed them with the help of a rule! Finally, they decorated them with felt and beads.

We think they look fantastic!  Well done 3BH!


The children also used clay to make Egyptian Sarcophagus, using a range of techniques and tools. They then painted and glossed their sculptures. 



As part of their learning during Term 5, Year 3 also designed their own Golden Cuffs like the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs would have worn. They used cardboard tubes and decorated them with paper and string, before painting them in metallic paint and finally adding jewels!




Earth Day 22nd April: 

Year 3 planned an experiment to see what everyday objects are biodegradable. A crisp packet, an apple core, a piece of paper, a piece of cardboard and a plastic cube were buried in school.


In a month's time, Year 3 will dig up the objects to see what is still there, and what has biodegraded.

They have made predictions and are looking forward to seeing the results!


DT Rainforest Project Term 3: Year 3 have shown so much creativity during their weekly Rainforest Project. The children have also shown resilience and perseverance when using Google Classroom, and the Year 3 Team are constantly amazed at the work that the children are turning in daily. Here are some of their fantastic creations.




To finish their learning on the Rainforests, the children followed video instructions to create a rainforest toucan, alligator or monkey. Year 3 have worked incredibly hard last term in school and online and their teachers are so very proud of all their achievements.




Iron Age WOW Day - Wednesday 2nd December 2020: As part of our 'Stone Age to Iron Age' Topic, the Year 3 classes had an amazing and exciting Iron Age WOW day. The children dressed up in fantastic Iron Age outfits, and experienced life in the Iron Age through various hands on activities.

They all practised their spear throwing skills using javelins on the playground, and also designed and decorated their own Iron Age spear tip and Iron Age shield using Celtic patterns as well as Iron Age pinch pots out of clay.

It was an incredible day enjoyed by all!


Iron Age Warrior Haiku Poems: 


Classes 3E and 3BH have been busy writing their Haiku poems which follow a strict set of rules that the children have followed successfully. 


They have completed some absolutely fantastic poems using amazing, descriptive vocabulary.


Well done Year 3!





National Anti-Bullying Week: It was wonderful to see so many children wearing their odd socks today to help us raise awareness and celebrate ‘Odd Socks Day’. We also held a special virtual assembly for National Anti-Bullying Week.


These children made their own bullying stop signs which they’ve put in their classroom windows.



During the first weeks back at school all the children have been taking part in a project based on ‘Here we Are’ - a book by Oliver Jeffers. Their final task was to write notes for planet earth giving advice to anyone who lives here. We used them to create these displays in Year 3. 

September 2020

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Art Week: Year 3

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