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St Martin's Church of England Primary School

COMPUTING at St Martin's


At St Martin’s we know that the knowledge and ability to use computers and digital systems is essential for our children’s current and future lives. It is and will be more important to their learning, leisure, how they communicate, and eventually, their working lives.



Our curriculum will prepare our children to be confident, innovative and knowledgeable users and creators of digital systems.


Our children will be able to use the learnt skills and knowledge to express and present their ideas and thinking in innovative and creative ways to different audiences. They will do this safely and responsibly, understanding the positive and potentially negative aspects of computing, ICT and use of data on their safety and wellbeing.


They will use computing to support their learning and knowledge across the whole curriculum. Our children will be able to understand and apply key principals and concepts of Informational Technology, Digital Literacy and Computer Science.


Computing and the internet is a portal to the world where they can widen and develop their knowledge and understanding of different countries, cultures and religions. They will be global citizens. They will use a range of digital systems confidently and competently and choose technology which is best suited to the purpose required.