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St Martin's Church of England Primary School

MUSIC at St Martin's


Our intention is to engage and inspire children to develop a love of music and to develop their talent as musicians. By listening to music from a range of different genres, cultural backgrounds and time periods we aim to encourage children’s critical responses to music. We encourage children to take part in a wide variety of musical experiences, which develops resilience, creativity, self-confidence, a sense of achievement, and teamwork. Through direct teaching of skills our curriculum shows progression across all four areas of musical learning and allows children to develop their talents as; singers, musicians, composers and listeners.



Through our music curriculum, children will be able to develop critical engagement through listening, singing, composing, playing and performing. Children will have the opportunity to experience live music, compose and record their own music and perform to a live audience. Through listening and appraising a wide range of music children have the opportunity to develop their skills as listeners and to develop a critical response which they can then implement through their own compositions.
Throughout each year, children will have the opportunity to develop as singers both individually and as an ensemble. Children will learn a wide range of musical vocabulary and be able to follow increasingly complex directions from their conductor. Each year group in Key Stage 2 will have the opportunity to learn an instrument. This enables children to build on the technical skills of notation reading and each year. The instruments selected for each year group allow children to build on the previous year’s learning. Children then have the opportunity to explore their creativity by creating and recording their own compositions. Children will also have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt through direct music teaching in a variety of choirs and music clubs.