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Curriculum & Learning Organisers

St Martin's Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact plans can be viewed by clicking on the individual plans. 


You may be aware the Government has introduced a new Primary National Curriculum which has been taught to most pupils from September 2014. There are fundamental changes to the content of the Curriculum and how children will be assessed. Our curriculum is broad and designed to make the teaching and learning experience offered to our children as stimulating and exciting as possible.  We want them to really enjoy learning and develop skills which will prepare them for their future.  We have a 'Thematic' based curriculum, where some subjects will be taught in a cross curricular manner and linked to a theme.
Year Groups send out a curriculum letter outlining what will be taught each term and a copy can be found on each Class Page.  An important element of our ethos is to develop resilient learners who can apply their knowledge and skills to different problems, subjects and contexts.  We also reinforce a moral, spiritual and social understanding across all aspects of the curriculum

Learning Organiser sets out in detail the essential information that children should know and understand by the end of the topic. They can include dates, key personnel, vocabulary, definitions, diagrams and other information.   

We have developed our Learning Organisers to support the delivery of the curriculum and inform our planning. They have been designed to ensure progression and continuity within subjects.  Please click on the links below to download the current Learning Organisers for your child's class.