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NEXT FUNDRAISING MEETING:  date to be advised

All parents/carers are invited to attend our St Martin's School Fundraising Team meetings, offering you an opportunity to meet with other members to discuss fundraising for the coming year.  Information on upcoming Meetings will be sent out via our SchoolPing messaging system.  


If you are interested in helping the Fundraising Team in any capacity for our future events, or for any general enquiries, please email us at >> 


Monies received through St Martin's fundraising and commissionable events enables the school to enhance your child's education.  In recent years this has been spent on play equipment, new school Library, WOW days and contributing to Educational Visits.

2019/2020 Events


16th July 2020 Year 6 LEAVERS DISCO 5-7pm                       
30th January 2020 Year 3 DISCO 3-4.45pm 

30th January 2020

EYFS & Year 1 MOVIE NIGHT 3-5pm

19 November 2019 CHRISTMAS FAYRE 3.15-5.30pm 
19 November 2019 Year 2 DISCO 3-4.45pm

19 November 2019

Year 6 MOVIE NIGHT 3-5pm 

14 October 2019 EYFS & Year 1 DISCOS 3-4.45pm 

14 October 2019

Year 5 MOVIE NIGHT 3-5pm


Fundraising Update December 2019:

Thank you to everyone who attended the Book Fayre at the end of last term. As a result we received over £600 in book vouchers for our school. We have since purchased a wide variety of books, which have now been distributed to classrooms around the school.


Thank you also to everyone who came along and supported our Christmas Fayre.  We raised over £2,000 profit, our best ever yet! The Reception Tea Towels and Christmas Cards were also very successful.  We will share with you our exciting new purchases for the school in due course.



Movie Nights February 2019: Thank you to all the parents and carers, governors and staff who helped at our fundraising Movie Night events during the last week of term. It was lovely to watch the smiles and laughter as the children watched their films. The Movie Nights were well attended again this year and the fundraising committee raised over £600.


School Discos:

All of the pupils were invited to individual Key Stage Christmas Discos. Thank you again to our teaching staff (House DJs), Mrs Campbell, Mrs Burrell, Mrs Fogwill for the planning and running of this event and all of the parents/carer helpers and staff who made this event possible.  


Christmas Fayre: 



30th November 2018 CHRISTMAS FAIR 3.15 - 4.45pm

18th December 2018

DISCOS:  Reception  3.30-4.30pm

Years 3&4                   5pm-6.15pm

19th December 2018

DISCOS:  Year 1&2    3.30-4.30pm

Years 5&6                   4.45pm-6pm

11th February 2019

Reception   - 4.00-5.30pm

Years 1 & 2 - 4.00-5.30pm)

12th February 2019 MOVIE NIGHT:
Years 5 & 6  - 4.00-6.00pm
13th February 2019 MOVIE NIGHT:
Years 3 & 4  - 4.00-6.00pm