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St Martin's Church of England Primary School




The School is under the overall management of a panel of Governors. They are responsible for the character and ethos of the school, working in partnership with the Headteacher and Staff. Whilst the Governors have ultimate responsibility for the school’s curriculum policy, appointment of staff, the budget and the repair and maintenance of the buildings, the day to day management and organisation is delegated to the Head who works with the Senior Leadership Team within the school.

The full Governing Body meets at least once every two terms, as do the various sub committees. Anyone wishing to make contact with the Governing Body, or is interested in knowing more about the working of the team, should contact the Head or the Chair of Governors.


To contact the Governors please forward your enquiry to the school office -

Chair of Governors

Mr Mark Preddy



Ms Yvonne Barnes


Foundation Governors

Mr Mark Belbin - Vice Chair

Mrs Ruth Lynam


Co-Opted Governors



Parent Governors

Mrs Georgia Prentice

Mr Ross Kidd


Staff Governors

Miss Laura Jewell

Mrs Kirsten Mann


Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Aimee Cooper
Last Updated:  April 2022