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SchoolPing Update Instructions for parents

SchoolPing will be implementing a forced log out to all SchoolPing app users on 26th October 2020 in order to apply improvements and updates to the app.

On this date, users who have an old version of SchoolPing will be logged out of the app and will need to upgrade to the latest version to log in again.


Before this date, please ensure that you have verified your email address so that if you need to reset your SchoolPing password, you will be able to do so.


To check your email address is correctly verified, please enter the SchoolPing app and:

* Open the side menu and click 'settings'.
* Then click 'my account' and check that the email address in this area is verified.
* If it is not, a 'resend verification email' option will appear.
* Once the verification email has been sent, please find it in your email inbox (please also check your junk folder) and then click the link in the email to verify your email address.
Please also note that Android devices running versions of Android older than version 6 will no longer be able to use the SchoolPing app because Google no longer support the updates. If this applies to you, please use the web version of SchoolPing to receive your messages.