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A reminder that we are open before school daily 8:30-8:45am, also after school 3:00-3:30pm Monday – Thursday. Please come and share a book or read with your child.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Amy Nisbet Class 5C Easter Poems

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May 2018: The Library had  some rather wonderful book post! We were chosen as one of  50 schools in the country to receive the 5 shortlisted books for ‘Oscar’s Book Prize’.  Oscar’s Book Prize is supported by Amazon,the Evening Standard and the National literacy Trust and was set up in memory of Oscar Ashton by his parents to reward the brilliant creativity of early years literature and highlight the importance of reading with children.


The winner of this year’s award will be announced on the 14th May - Our library goers think it will be a very tricky job to choose a winner as all of the books are brilliant!  All 5 books are now available to borrow and are proving very popular!


Activity Tuesday’s have seen us create some magical unicorn cards and look at our books on myths and legends and this week we celebrated ‘World Colouring Day’ by holding our own library colouring-in competition, as well as entering some national colouring competitions.


April 2018 News:

Over the last few weeks we have been exploring lots of different themed books in our library. We started the term by thinking about role models; many of our library goers have entered the ‘World Book Day’ competition launched to coincide with the release of the book ‘Young, Gifted and Black - 52 Black Heroes from Past and Present’.


The children had to draw a portrait of someone that inspires them or someone they would like to see featured in the next issue of the book. The children really thought about this and we had some excellent pictures of inspirational people like Martin Luther King, Michelle Obama and Usain Bolt among many others. We have put a selection of these portraits on our webpage, please do have a look! The national competition is judged later in the year and we will let you know if St Martin’s has a winner! Fingers crossed!


Also on ‘Activity Tuesday’ we marked Earth Day with some recycling craft- the children drew around their hands on recycled book pages - adding a globe with their ‘promise’ on how they would help make the world a better place which we have displayed in our library and this week we have marked the playwright William Shakespeare's birthday with a ‘Tudor Rose’ craft.


As always these activities allow plenty of opportunity for ‘book talk’ and I am always greatly impressed with our children’s general knowledge!

Mrs Brown, School Librarian






March 2018:  Our Library ‘Activity Tuesdays’ have been full of Easter Arts and Crafts. We have been making Chickens and Rabbits and sharing lots of Spring themed stories.


Easter Eggs are of course amazing but please consider buying your child a lovely book as an Easter gift. ‘Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory’ by Elys Doolan is a lot of fun to share with younger children, full of angry chickens with a chocolatey problem and ‘The Great Chocoplot’ by Chris Callaghan will appeal to Roald Dahl fans with its laugh out loud moments and the threat of a chocopococalpse !


World Book Day Library Competition: These are the winners who all won a 'bookish' prize. Well done to all who entered - there were over 150 entries!

(Yr6 Jamee, Yr5 Ellie, Yr4 Jayden, Yr4 Connor, Yr3 Maria, Yr2 Stanley, Yr2 Kubus, 

Yr1 Ebony, Reception Yuna, Reception Sebastian)



We have had an exciting couple of weeks at our library during January 2018! ...

We were very lucky to receive a donation of 100 books from The Weston and Worle Mercury as part of their ‘Books for School’ campaign. An article was published in the paper on Thursday 18th January and can be found online here: from-weston-mercury-s-books-for-schools-campaign-1-5360650

It is always wonderful to be able to offer the children new and exciting reads as part of our reading for pleasure ethos. Please read the report and see if you can spot your library-goer in the picture. 


Activity Tuesday has seen us commemorate Martin Luther King Day by looking at books about the great man and creating ‘Love All, Accept All’ banners to remember his message to the world. We also made bird feeders to support the annual RSPB Garden Bird Watch - we are going to hang some of our cereal hoop pipe-cleaner feeders in the library tree to see if we can encourage some birds to visit! 


Before Christmas as part of our library activities some of our library goers entered The Reading Agency's National 'We are all Wonders' colouring competition. The children had to colour in a picture of Auggie, the main character in the 'Wonder' books, as imaginatively as possible. We are proud to announce St Martin's has a winner! Rhiannon Edwards in Year 5, lovely colouring and Rhiannon was one of only 5 winners from across the UK.  We were very pleased to award her with her prize, a lovely bundle of Puffin books, in the achievement assembly. Well done Rhiannon and all that entered we love celebrating our children's achievements! 




St Martin's Author:  We would like to introduce another budding St Martin’s Author, Neitas in Yr3.  Neitas has written the most amazing fact filled book about the Titanic.


We are looking forward to his next book which he says will be about the RMS Lusitania! 


Library News December 2017:

In the absence of any real snow and our children expecting it daily, our final ‘Activity Tuesday’ of the year was a snowman building extravaganza!  With none of the real white, fluffy stuff to hand we used tubes and paper to create our wintery masterpieces. Some children opted to give their snow people natty ear muffs and scarves others choose to create their own ‘Olaf’ from the Disney movie Frozen.  Out of all the activities that have run in our library this year – snowman- making is among the most popular – fingers crossed we get a little bit of the real thing over our Christmas holidays so our children can use their expert snowman creating skills with actual snow!


Mrs Brown has enjoyed reading a whole host of Christmas books at Story Times over the last couple of weeks. Amongst others the children have enjoyed ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Make a Christmas Wish’ by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds,  ‘Cops and Robbers’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, and ‘Jesus’ Christmas Party’ by Nicholas Allan. Please do consider buying a book for your child amongst their Christmas gifts this year- ‘Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Jingle Bells’ by Tracey Corderoy and Steve Lenton is a fabulous stocking filler for emerging readers and absolutely every child will find something to do in Andy Seed’s ‘The Anti-Boredom Christmas Book!


Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas from our Library and please look out for news of our ‘Resolution Read 2018’ competition when we see you in January!


Library News November 2017:

As part of ‘National Non-Fiction November’ and to promote the use of  ‘fact’ and information books our library hosted the annual ‘Library Record Breakers’ event end of November. Our library goers attempted to break records in activities such as ‘Fastest time to Find Wally’ ‘Longest Balloon Volley ’ and  ‘Biggest Imaginary Orchestra playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’! LOTS of fun was had, previous records were smashed and everyone agreed that some record attempts were not as easy as they first looked! Everyone who entered a group record attempt got a ‘Library Record Breaker’ certificate and special mention goes to our individual record holders:

Sienna K Year 5 - ‘Most Stickmen drawn in 1 Minute’   (37)

Ruby H Year 6 -‘Tallest Brick Tower in 1 Minute’ (27 Levels)

Natalia C  Year 5 - ‘Most 6’s Rolled in 1 Minute’ (11)


Our army of 'Year 6 Reading Volunteers' have been paired up with their Year 1 Buddies and started reading together this week. These brilliant Year 6 students volunteer to use their morning break time up to 3 times a week to listen to their buddy read. Mrs Brown has been so impressed by the way they have been working together.  It is evident that it is an enjoyable time for both listener and reader and our Year 6 buddies are showing what excellent role models they are.


‘Activity Tuesday’ has been the first of our Christmas based crafts. Our library goers enjoyed making Reindeer Cards practising their colouring and cutting skills while sharing Christmas Stories and poems.


Mrs Brown has enjoyed reading the poems entered for the ‘World Book Day’ Christmas Poetry Competition. Some of our children choose to enter this competition while spending time in the library and Mrs Brown has now sent off all the entries - fingers crossed that St Martin’s will have a winner!


Here is Kady Year 3’s entry - I think you will agree that it is a fantastic piece of work!

*   *   *   *   *

Santa, Santa Where are you?

Santa, Santa Where are you?

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m looking for you

I’ve made my wish, I’ve been good.

I try to do everything that I should.

Except this morning I took a lick

Of a Christmas peppermint stick.

I wasn’t meant to touch but it looked so yummy

Unfortunately now it’s in my tummy!

Santa, Santa I’m really not bad.

An empty stocking would make me sad.

Santa, Santa I really love you!

Please leave me presents, at least two.

*   *   *   *   *



To celebrate our Library's 1st Birthday we invited all our children to enter our School Library Anniversary Competition and had an amazing response...

Key Stage 1 had to design a bookish card and Key Stage 2 children designed a bookish cake. We received 70 entries in total and there were 14 winners who each received a book prize in our Achievement Assembly.

The winners were chosen for their book theme and design – we had so many winners as it was SO HARD to choose just 1 - they were all very good!

Congratulations to Ella-Mai and Esme in Elm Class, Robyn Ash Class, Leo Year 1 Maple, Bart Year 2 Hazel, Corey Year 2 Beech, Leah Year 2 Pine, Skye-Marie in 3W, Maisie in 3MH, Veronika in 4LG, Harrison in 4G, Ella T in 5JM, Reece in 5JM and Imogen in 6C.

All the Prize winning entries to our ‘Design a Birthday Cake/Card Competition’ are now on display in the library. Please come and see them.


Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners

Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners 1
Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners 2
Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners 3
Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners 4
Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners 5
Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners 6
Key Stage 1 Library Birthday Competition Winners 7

Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners

Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners 1
Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners 2
Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners 3
Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners 4
Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners 5
Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners 6
Key Stage 2 Library Birthday Competition Winners 7

We celebrated our first birthday week with Bookworm Crafts and Library Challenges.

Ava Amos-Ford Year 5 won our ‘Name the book character’ competition and Sally Henderson correctly guessed the book that was hiding in the jar. They both chose a prize from Mrs Brown’s Prize Tin.


Anti-Bullying Week: Our activity for ‘Anti- Bullying Week’ was based on the wonderful ‘We Are All Wonders’ by R J Palacio. Mrs Brown read the story to our library go-ers and the children coloured in pictures of the book’s hero ‘Auggie’ to be sent off and entered into a national competition being run by the publisher ‘Puffin Books’. There was some really beautiful work- fingers crossed that St Martin’s may have a winner!


Thanksgiving in the USA: On Thursday 23rd November we also celebrated this holiday in our library - making turkey themed ‘thankful’ cards to give to people we were thankful for. It was also the perfect opportunity to talk about Benjamin Zephaniah Poetry book ‘Talking Turkeys’ and look at some information books about America. 

October 2017 Update:  Our library has received a lovely gift all the way from America! This was the wonderful book ‘Like Magic’ signed by the author Elaine Vickers – a story about three 10 year old girls from culturally different backgrounds who find much needed friendship through a ‘treasure box’ and alongside our lovely book Ms Vickers also sent us our very own ‘treasure box’ to keep in our library!

Our library goers have already been leaving treasures for other library goers to find to brighten their day. Mrs Brown’s favourite of our left treasures have been the little notes that have read ‘Always be yourself’ and ‘Something good will happen soon’ – much needed pick-me-ups and treasure indeed. Sally in Year 5 was first on the list to borrow ‘Like Magic’. This is what she said about it:

‘I loved ‘Like Magic’! Each of the girl’s stories was really well written but my favourite was Malia’s. Making friends through a treasure box is a clever idea- I think people who like reading about families and relationships would really like this book- people who like Jacqueline Wilson’s books will really like it!’


We have a short waiting list to read this lovely story but please come to the library to add your name to the list or why not leave some treasure in our treasure box? Just like the girls in the story!

Storytime lunchtimes for KS1 have restarted with lots of children joining Mrs Brown to share a book and sing some funny songs after their lunch. Year 2 have the opportunity to join in the fun on Monday lunchtimes and Year 1 on Thursdays.


Our Activity Tuesday’s for KS2 have seen us creating cheeky parrots for our pirate themed lunchtime and making meteorites for our space themed craft. We have another fantastic St Martin’s author! Kady from Year 3 has written a book called ‘My Little Dog Called Milly’ which is about a girl called Lucy who looses her dog. Her wonderful book is now on our library shelves - please come and borrow it!



World Smile Day!  Celebrated on the first Friday in the month of October every year, World Smile Day celebrates the day the happy face emoji was created.  So we decide to create as many happy faces as possible by making our own sticker emojis and ‘kind bombing’ people at St Martin’s with happy Post Its, with kind and thoughtful messages. 



END OF YEAR UPDATE from The Library:

We have had such a busy year in our Library! Since our move in October to our wonderful new build, right up to the Celebration Evening last week, we have seen children and parents from all our age groups enjoying stories, activities and talking excitedly about books! More and more parents have been popping in before and after school for book borrowing and sharing. All of our pupils have used the library at some point during the year – either to choose a book, make a book-themed masterpiece or join in with a lunchtime story club and sing a funny song!

Please keep up your child’s enthusiasm for all things bookish over the summer by continuing to read and sign up for the local libraries ‘Animal Agents Summer Reading Challenge’.

To retain the reading skills they have learnt during the school year - children should read atleast 6 books over the summer. The Local Libraries Summer Challenge is perfect for sustaining and increasing those reading skills your child and St Martin’s are so proud of!

More information can be found at – 

At the end of the summer we will collect from local libraries, the names of the children who participated in the challenge and reward this achievement in our Assemblies.


(Our new Library display – inspired by the most requested book of the year: ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers) 


Celebration of Learning Evening: The Library saw families from every age group and we lost count of how many things were made over the whole evening!  


Competition Winner: Congratulations to Maya Hull and Morgan Webb in 5S who won the 'Summer Reading Challenge' competition we entered in the Library. Both Maya and Morgan designed a fancy dress costume for their Dads and each won a copy of the book 'Dressing-Up Dad' by Maudie Smith and Paul Howard. 

July Update:

"The Laugh-out-Loud magazine created by our Library Goers is out now!"..

Packed full of jokes, photos and fun – pick up your copy from the Library for just £1.00.

As the end of term approaches can we ask that all Library books be returned to the Library by Friday 14th July. Reminders of books currently on loan will be given to each class on Monday. Please help your child look for any books they may have borrowed and not returned.


If the book is lost or damaged, we would ask that in order to maintain a healthy stock of books for the benefit of all our pupils please could you send in a donation towards the cost of replacing that book.

Thank you.  

Mrs Brown School Librarian

June has been a very busy month at our Library so far... and lots of our children have been enjoying our activities, story times and Air Conditioning! We made ‘You Rock’ Father’s Day cards and talked about Dads in books like Phil Earle’s ‘Demolition Dad’ last week.


This week we have been making ‘Lola’ Mobiles to celebrate our new Children’s Laureate who, for the next 2 years, is Lauren Child. Lauren Child is the author of the ‘Lola and Charlie’ picture books and the ‘Clarice Bean’ and ‘Ruby Redfort’ series for more confident readers. We have been enjoying her work at Yr1 and Yr2 story times too!









During May we have been celebrating the author J M Barrie’s Birthday by talking about his book ‘Peter Pan’ and making crafty crocodiles. The children have enjoyed hearing about the hungry, tick tock croc with his taste for Captain Hook! We have also been celebrating ‘Kindness’ as it was Barrie that said ‘Always be a little kinder than necessary’ – the children made origami flowers and stuck them on to kindness cards to give to kind people!


There is still time to submit your family’s favourite recipe to be included in our Cook Book – sweet, savoury, bake or no-bake we would love to see them all! Entries should be sent to the Library by Friday 26th May – Thank You! 



St Martin’s Bakes!  All families have a recipe that reminds them of home. We would love all our pupils and staff to share their favourite recipe with us so we can include it in our ‘St Martins’ Bakes Cook Book’.

 Please send in your recipes (savoury or sweet) on an A4 Sheet of paper including a short explanation of why it is your family’s favourite, ingredients , instructions and if possible a picture (hand drawn or photo) of the finished recipe to make our book as engaging as possible.

Please could all entries be given to the School Library by FRIDAY 26th MAY. As our St Martin’s family has members from all around the world we hope our book will be very multicultural and tasty! We  plan to use some of the recipes we gather in a learning event in our new school year.


Spring has sprung at St Martin’s Library! The huge glass windows fill our Library with early spring sunlight and it’s a perfect atmosphere for enjoying a quiet read, hearing a funny animal story or enjoying one of our Easter craft activities.

We love all our books at St Martin’s but are especially fond of the books by our pupil authors. The latest book on the library shelf is ‘Tiger Tales’ which is a collection of our short story entries for the ‘World Wildlife Funds’ competition which some of our children entered earlier in the year. Please come and borrow a copy- especially if you entered the competition.

Invitation to our New Library:

Please enjoy the short video below, which was created by Ella Year 6 - inviting Parents and Carers to come along to our new Library and read with their child.   The video was also sent to Piers Torday, Author, who accepted our invitation and came to open the new Library at St Martin's.


We were very lucky to welcome best selling, award winning Author of ‘The Last Wild’ triology, Piers Torday to open our new Library today. Piers is a keen supporter of Libraries and the importance of Reading for pleasure in children’s lives so we were thrilled when, as part of our opening ceremony celebration, he agreed to take part in an a very inspirational ‘Question and Answer’ session with our wonderful Pupil Librarians.


After this Mr Marriott and Mr Torday made some inspiring speeches before our author cut the ribbon and the Library was officially open! There followed a book signing where our children had the opportunity to meet the author and receive their copy of his work including the newly released ‘There May Be A Castle’.


The opening celebrations continued throughout the week with all year groups visiting the Library to take part in a book themed activity.

(31st October 2016)


>> Pupil Book Reviews