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Art and DT at St Martin's


Children are introduced to the rich culture of Art by studying the work of artists from different parts of the world both past and present. All children are given opportunities to experiment with a range of mediums through which they are taught technical skills. We place an emphasis on the quality of presentation and encourage pride in achievements by displaying children’s work around the school.

July 2013: children enjoyed Art across the school as part of Art Week. Activities included Pointillism, Photography, Mud Rock, Origami, Batik and 3D Modelling. The school held an exhibition to celebrate the finished pieces showing excellent skills from the pupils, and an opportunity for parents to come into school and share the children’s work. 




Design Technology

Children are taught the correct and safe use of tools before beginning any design project. A wide range of materials are used with which pupils are given the opportunity to learn, practise and develop appropriate skills.


Once children have identified the need for design activities, they are taught to plan their work

carefully and realistically before making their finished product. Throughout their design work, children are taught to evaluate and modify the design where necessary.