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School Meals

School Meals are cooked on site.  From 9th April 2018 the price of a school meal has been reduced to £2.00 per day when our new school meal provider will be Chartwells.

New menus have been sent home to parents and a copy can be found below. Chartwells pride themselves on providing tasty and nutritious food and helping children to discover and learn about the food they eat. 


Please note there has been an amendment to the current Chartwells Menu for June and July, please see Revised Menu below.

Dinner money is payable via our 'ParentPay' online system  >> Link to ParentPay

School meals are eaten in the school dining hall and children with packed lunches also eat outside when the weather is fine.  Please be aware that as some children in school have nut allergies, nut products are not permitted in children's lunch boxes (ie. nutella, peanut butter sandwiches, raisin and nut mix etc.)


FREE SCHOOL MEAL Applications / Pupil Premium Grant

From 1st August 2017 North Somerset has now changed their process for applying for Free School Meals. Parents will now need to apply online and must re-apply prior to each NEW TERM to ensure your child is registered as Free School Meal eligible (3 times per year). Eligibility will last for the whole school term.  A reminder of renewal dates will be sent home via newsletter update as well as a text reminder. 

The new Free School Meal checker link :

Click here >>


IMPORTANT: You should still apply if you claim benefits and have a child in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2. This is to:

  • make you eligible for other financial assistance for items such as school trips
  • enable a school to receive the funding it is entitled to
  • avoid any issues with your child’s school meals when moving from Year 2 to Year 3


Children attending school whose parents or carers receive any of the following benefits are eligible to receive the Pupil Premium Grant - also entitling pupils to free school meals: 

  • child tax credits
    provided your annual income as assessed by HM Revenue and Customs does not exceed £16,190. If you receive working tax credit you will not be entitled unless you’re in receipt of a four-week run-on
  • guarantee element of state pension credit
  • income support
  • income-based jobseeker’s allowance
  • income-related employment support allowance
  • support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • universal credit


Please see July 2017 letter below which gives further information on "how to applying for Pupil Premium Grant also entitling children to free school meal eligibility".


We have achieved Healthy Schools Status which means that we actively promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. In Reception and Key Stage 1, children are provided with a piece of fruit every day as part of their morning snack. In Key Stage 2 we encourage children to eat and drink healthily during snack and lunch time.




St Martin’s is committed to providing an inclusive and sustainable Travel Plan. We encourage both pupils and staff to travel actively to and from school to reduce traffic congestion and improve health and fitness.


St Martin's has Travel Champions who will organise, co-ordinate and communicate events and policies that raise the profile of Active Travel. 


Travel Ambassadors are a group of pupils which consists of representatives from every class throughout the School. They participate in sharing ideas and decision making, meeting regularly to organise and host events, lead assemblies and promote Active Travel across the School.


"Hello, we are the KS2 Travel Ambassadors - we are hoping to persuade people to scoot, cycle or walk to school in order to help them get more fit and active and also to help reduce pollution. We want to improve where people park around our school and are trying to persuade people not to park on driveways, the zig zag lines outside of the school gates and safer parking.


Riding bikes, walking or scooting are much more fun ways to get to school so we look forward to seeing more people doing it! We presented our powerpoint presentation about the positive reasons for Active Travel during an Assembly."