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Supporting Mental Health during COVID-19: Resources & Links

Dated: 30th July 2020

'5 Ways to Wellbeing'

St Martin's will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March and will be linking our activities with our School's ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ ethos - as Reading Books offer so many opportunities to be Active, Keep Learning, Give, Take Notice and Connect.

For more details please visit our Latest News event >>

St Martin's School supported Children's Mental Health Week this year and the theme was ''Express Yourself'.

Teachers involved all of the children in a range of activities, both at school and home learning, encouraging children's self expression.  We have shared some of these in the slideshow above.  Pupils created their own T-Shirt designs for ‘Inside Out Day’ and these were hung on washing lines across our school hall.  It was a wonderful way for the children to share and express their thoughts about how we care for others.


'Dress to Express' - the children wore something which expresses who they are, or maybe an interest they have, and these were shared during their class Google Meets. Year 3 created some fantastic "All about me" posters. Their teachers felt these posters show how amazing, happy and positive the children are, especially during these uncertain times. Year 1 children painted while listening to music from 'The Carnival of the Animals' and also designed and baked Thank You cakes.


A reminder to parents/carers that if you have any concerns relating to mental health, please visit contact our pastoral support team or leave details for a member of the team to contact you >>


Place2Be website - a children’s mental health charity also offers resources and support for parents and carers:

Supportive website links:

16th October 2020:  Thank you to all the children and families who took the challenge to incorporate the '5 Ways To Wellbeing' into their weekend 10th-11th October. This Term's focus on Wellbeing has really helped the children understand how their actions can contribute to a strong mental health.

On Friday we announced the lucky winners from our prize draw, each receiving a £10 Amazon voucher.  Well done to:

Y6 Erin, Y5 Billie, Y4 Noah, Y3 Dougie, Y2 Hughie, Y1 Isabella and Reception Frazer

Mental Health Awareness Week 18th-24th May 2020

This year the theme is 'Kindness'.  A SchoolPing message was sent home to all our parents/carers on 15th May together a few activities for children to enjoy during the week at home. If you would like to send us your children's completed sheets we would love to share these with their teachers and staff.