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Amazing Achievements



Well done to our pupils who took on leadership roles at St Martin's School again this year.  This helps them to work as a team to build their self-esteem, learn how to negotiate with peers and improve leadership skills:

  • School Council
  • Play Leaders
  • Travel Ambassadors
  • iTeam
  • Sports Organising Committee





Daisy Burrow - using new sounds in her writing

Lena R - working extremely hard during guided reading

Olivia - amazing work during Phonics and writing

Tabitha G - fantastic effort when learning number bonds to 10

Evie W - being a kind and helpful person. Always trying her best

Naomi - for becoming more and more independent with your writing

Tabitha - fantastic learning of number bonds to 10 in Maths

Evie - for being a kind and helpful member of the class


Year 1

Noah C - fantastic Maths when investigating subtraction

Lucas J - excellent focus when completing the St Davids Day activities

Mya B - for a careful drawing of a daffodil

Noah C - for always being kind and helpful

Leonardo - fantastic fluent and expressive reading

Dexter - excellent work when finding fact families in Maths

Nina - being a superstar, excellent effort and pleasure to teach

Rio - excellent effort and try hard in all you do!

Nina - 100% effort in all work

Reo - 100% effort in all work


Year 2

Noah K - making a fantastic effort  not to rush his work

Olivia W - always trying her best and setting a fantastic example to her peers

Taylor P - motivation in Maths when making an addition story

Raith L - focused learning

Rubie SV - fantastic description

Blake B - focused learning all week!

Amelia L - fantastic reading

Ella Mai - fantastic work on 2D shapes in Maths

Tilly - fantastic work on 2D shapes in Maths


Year 3 

Seb – Mathematician of the week

Isla – Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Alma - Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Thomas - Reading certificate (10 weeks)

Josh – Writer of the week

Alan - Amazing achievement

Bradley W - Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Tessa- Writer of the week

Lucas – Mathematician of the week

Ethan – Writer of the week

Harry G– Reading certificate (10 Weeks)

Evie C– Amazing achievement

Lola – Writer of the week

Sophie E– Mathematician of the week

Simara – Amazing achievement

Tessa – Mathematician of the week

Dylan – Amazing achievement

Ruby L – Times Table Rockstar biggest increase in coins earned

3E - Times Table Rockstar being the most accurate class this week


Year 4

Jack H – Mathematician of the week

Pippa – Writer of the week

Taylah  - Mathematician of the week

Lola – Reading certificate (25 weeks)

Alfie B – Mathematician of the week

Charlie P – Mathematician of the week 

Hasnain - Reading certificate (10 weeks)

Riley A– Reading certificate

Matilde M– Gold award Guitar lessons

Emilia C– Mathematician of the week

Dina C– Writer of the week

Carys – Reading certificate (10 weeks)

Ava – Reading certificate (20 Weeks)

Leah – Reading certificate (5 weeks)

Ava – Mathematician of the week

Wojciech – Writer of the week  

Imogen R– Amazing achievement

Freddie P– Outstanding citizen

Ash E– Outstanding citizen

George BT - Times Table Rockstar biggest increase in coins earned


Year 5

Ethan A – Writer of the week

James W – Mathematician of the week

Peyton S – Reading certificate ( 20 Weeks)

Victoria S – Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Anna–Maria Z – Reading certificate (15 Weeks)

Shayan F – Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Sebastian S - Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Emma J - Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Brooke P - Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Daisy E - Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Tristin DJ - Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Thomas H - Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Maria D - Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Rosco V - Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Emil – Andrei L - Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Chloe B – Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Nikola C - Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Aaron G - Reading certificate (10 weeks)

Ruby H - Reading certificate (10 weeks)

Logan D– Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Henry N- Mathematician of the week

Anna-Maria Z– Mathematician of the week

George P– Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Adelina M- Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Lena L- Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Bradley N- Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Jacob N- Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Freya T- Reading certificate (15 weeks)

Lily-Mae J - Reading certificate (10 weeks)

Adelina – Amazing achievement

Jason – Amazing achievement

Brooke – Mathematician of the week

Freya – Mathematician of the week

Maisie I - Times Table Rockstar biggest increase in coins earned


Year 6

Logan F – Writer of the week

Jenson  – Reading certificate (10 Weeks)

Maddie S – Writer of the week

Roman W - Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Ellis S  - Reading certificate (20 weeks)

Cezary T – Bronze Certificate (25 weeks)

Issy  – Bronze Certificate (25 weeks)

Megan MA – Writer of the week

Dominik - Writer of the week

Joshua S– Writer of the week

Jenna C– Mathematician of the week

Emma K– Times Table Rockstar Biggest increase in coins

6M – Amazing achievement

Owen S– Reading certificate (15 Weeks) 

Jac - Reading certificate (15 Weeks) 

Adam K - Reading certificate (20 Weeks) 

Sophie B- Reading certificate (15 Weeks) 

Summer B - Reading certificate (15 Weeks) 

Theo S - Reading certificate (15 Weeks) 

Ben R - Mathematician of the week

Laura M - Amazing Achievement