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Amazing Achievements


Well done to our pupils who took on leadership roles at St Martin's School again this year.  This helps them to work as a team to build their self-esteem, learn how to negotiate with peers and improve leadership skills:


  • School Council
  • Play Leaders
  • Travel Ambassadors
  • iTeam
  • Sports Organising Committee





Congratulations to Morgan Hughes Overall National Winner of the gas safety 'Get Creative, Be Safe' competition - winning a cash Prize of £450 for himself and an additional £900 for the school. Trophy awarded at the House of Commons



to follow


Year 1

Olivia - Writing a fantastic colour poem

Roman - Fantastic retelling of the Elmer Story

Jessica P - writing a fantastic description of a dinosaur setting

Amalie C - creating a fantastic picture of a dinosaur using paint on the computers

Oliver P - Good behaviour choices 

Aila K - persevering with Phonics


Year 2

Robyn - Positive attitude all week

David - Perseverance in learning

Cameron - Being a kind and supportive friend

Olivia W - Creating a fantastic story map for Jack & The Beanstalk

Reggie - Fantastic Homework

Isabella - Working hard

Roman H - Fantastic Jack & The Beanstalk story

Ash R - Fantastic Jack & The Beanstalk story


Year 3

Sophie-Ellen - Mathematician of the Week 

Logan - Mathematician of the Week 

Toby - Writer of the Week

Danno - Mathematician of the Week 

Millie - Writer of the Week

Reece - Amazing Achievement Award

Eddie M - Mathematician of the Week 

Ruby - Writer of the Week

Leo G - Writer of the Week

Daleel - Mathematician of the Week 

Lucie - Mathematician of the Week 

Toni M - Mathematician of the Week 

Vethesh - Mathematician of the Week

Alma - Writer of the Week

Henry - Writer of the Week

Naomi - Amazing Achievement Award

Meika - Writer of the Week


Year 4

Hasnain - Writer of the Week

Grace - Writer of the Week

Eva-Marie - Mathematician of the Week 

Imogen R - Mathematician of the Week 

Dina - Mathematician of the Week 

Charlie D - Mathematician of the Week 

Ava - Reading Certificate

Freya - Reading Certificate

Charlie - Reading Certificate

Oscar - Reading Certificate

Lola - Reading Certificate

Sabina - Reading Certificate

Toby - Reading Certificate



Year 5

Lena L - Reading Certificate

Maisie H - Reading Certificate

Arthur M - Reading Certificate

Freya T - Reading Certificate

George P - Reading Certificate

Jasmine B - Reading Certificate

Freya N - Reading Certificate

Poppy B - Reading Certificate

Chloe H - Reading Certificate

Peyton S - Reading Certificate

Henry N - Reading Certificate

Savannah - Reading Certificate

Tilly - Reading Certificate

Ava - Reading Certificate

Bella - Reading Certificate

Logan - Reading Certificate

Violet W - Writer of the Week

Bradley N - Mathematician of the Week 

Finley - Mathematician of the Week 

Thomas H - Writer of the Week

Freddie G - Writer of the Week

Kady Y - Mathematician of the Week 

Rueben M - Writer of the Week

Lexi FW - Mathematician of the Week

Chloe H - Writer of the Week

Finley E - Mathematician of the Week

Victoria S - Mathematician of the Week


Year 6

Maciej H - Amazing Achievement Award

Joeboy - Mathematician of the Week 

Katie P - Writer of the Week

Paul W - Amazing Achievement Award

Emma K - Writer of the Week

Maddie S - Mathematician of the Week 

Adam K - Writer of the Week