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Amazing Achievements



Well done to our pupils who have taken on leadership roles at St Martin's School again this year.  This helps them to work as a team to build their self-esteem, learn how to negotiate with peers and improve leadership skills:

  • School Council
  • Playground Buddies
  • iTeam
  • Eco Warriors
  • Librarians
  • Sports Organising Committee



(our most recent pupil achievements Term 5 2022)

Reception Amazing Achievement Awards

Isabella - fantastic independent learning when completing the Busy Bee challenges

Lara - fantastic addition in Maths using the Numicon

Maddie - fantastic understanding of the 'creation story' in RE

James - a great first week at St Martin's

James H - fantastic effort and focus in his home learning this week

Cooper - fantastic focus and effort in his home learning this week

Jacob - fantastic writing and taking his time to form his letters correctly


Chestnut Class Amazing Achievement Awards

Ruby - Writing outstanding instructions

Lucy - Excellent focus all week and trying to work independently 

George - trying hard and being focused

Salman - working hard all week and for super homework


Pine Class Amazing Achievement Awards

Oliver - writing an excellent set of instructions

Robyn - excellent work during calculation

Ashton - amazing instruction writing and finding a quarter of a number

George - fantastic effort in completing 2 lots of homework this week


Hazel Class Amazing Achievement Awards

Toby - Super statistics work in Maths

Chloe - Writing a fantastic set of instructions

Tabitha - fantastic independent learning

Lava - super focus and effort in all learning


Year 3 

Camden – Amazing achievement award
Megan – Writer of the week
Arthur – Mathematician of the week

Jemima – Amazing achievement award
Jessie - Writer of the week
Harrison – Writer of the week
Toby – Mathematician of the week


Dominik – 15 weeks reading certificate
Ollie – 25 weeks reading certificate
Arthur – 30 weeks reading certificate
Abigail – Mathematician of the week
Noah – Mathematician of the week
Grace – Writer of the week
Elora – Writer of the week
Amalie – Writer of the week

Andrews – 20 week reading certificate
Andrews – Mathematician of the week
Rory – Writer of the week
Hughie – Amazing achievement award
Lee – Amazing achievement award


Year 4

Esmai – Amazing achievement award
Esme – Writer of the week
Dougie – Writer of the week
Alfie – Mathematician of the week

Emily – Amazing achievement award
Sebastian – Writer of the week

All of 4J – Amazing achievement award


Toby – Amazing achievement award
Ellis – Writer of the week
James – Writer of the week

Chance - Mathematician of the week

Thomas – Writer of the week


Year 5

Reece – 20 weeks reading certificate
Millie – Mathematician of the week
Nicholas – Writer of the week
Coby – Pen Licence Award
Bradley - Pen Licence Award

Rayne – 5 weeks reading certificate
Jake – Amazing achievement award
Abigail – Writer of the week
Evie – Mathematician of the week
Amy – Mathematician of the week

Kaitlyn – Writer of the week
Nathan – Mathematician of the week
Blake – Mathematician of the week
Ethan – 15 weeks reading certificate


Denis – 10 weeks reading certificate
Eddie – 20 weeks reading certificate
Georgia – 25 weeks reading certificate
Alan – Writer of the week
Georgia – Mathematician of the week

Liam – Amazing achievement award
Sebastian – 25 weeks reading certificate
Summer – Writer of the week
Henry – Mathematician of the week
Alfie – Mathematician of the week

Kaitlyn – 20 weeks reading certificate
Leo – Amazing achievement award
Lowik – Writer of the week
Noah – Mathematician of the week


Year 6

Gaia – Mathematician of the week
Alfie – Mathematician of the week

Charlie – Amazing achievement award
Eva-Marie – Amazing achievement award
Josephine – 20 weeks reading certificate
Grace – 20 weeks reading certificate
Billie – 20 weeks reading certificate
Eva-Marie – 20 weeks reading certificate
Dylan – Mathematician of the week
Charlie – 30 weeks reading certificate
Annabel – 30 weeks reading certificate
Kubu's – 30 weeks reading certificate
James – Amazing achievement award
Carys – 25 weeks reading certificate

All of 6C – Amazing achievement award


Erin – Amazing achievement award
Charlie – Amazing achievement award

Cassie – 20 weeks reading certificate
Nell – 25 weeks reading certificate
Fred – 25 weeks reading certificate
Fearne – 30 weeks reading certificate
Fearne – Mathematician of the week
Josephine – Mathematician of the week