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Amazing Achievements


Well done to our pupils who took on leadership roles at St Martin's School again this year.  This helps them to work as a team to build their self-esteem, learn how to negotiate with peers and improve leadership skills:


  • School Council
  • Play Leaders
  • Travel Ambassadors
  • iTeam
  • Sports Organising Committee





Congratulations to Morgan Hughes Overall National Winner of the gas safety 'Get Creative, Be Safe' competition - winning a cash Prize of £450 for himself and an additional £900 for the school. Trophy awarded at the House of Commons


Bikeability Cycle Proficiency Training:

Well done to the following children who have all completed their Level 2 Bikeability Award during Term 6 showing enthusiasm and commitment throughout their cycle training.

Year 5:  Adam Z, Daniel Q, Libby H, Lilly D, Megan M-A, William P, Paul W, Maciej L, Ben R, Jamillah R, Maciej H, Emily T and Seren D

Year 6:  Dillan B, Adam W, Kacper P, Sophie B, Summer T, Joshua DJ, Nataniel S, Julian T


100% Attendance for 2018/2019 were awarded to the following pupils who each received a Certificate and Badge:

Reception: Oliver G, Arthur M and Nina W 

Year 1: Miriam A 

Year 2: Amelie O, Isla T , Nicholas B, Daniel J and Darcey R 

Year 3: Billie T and Jason G

Year 4: Tristin DJ William R, Rostislav, Leo J, Neitas J

Year 5: Emily T, Milo L, Kinisi N, Bethany P, Lilly-May D

Year 6: Erick, Mia T, Rhiannon E, Joseph O, Adam W, Andrew M




Lucas J - making good choices in class and assembly

Oliver G - getting involved in all art activities during Art Week

Alex - beautiful painting of a jellyfish

Zac - excellent effort during art week and a great sand painting

Nina W - a brilliant message in a bottle, fantastic effort

Tristan SR - fantastic counting in 2's, 5's and 10's


Year 1

Tillie M - for amazing work on the journey of a seed

Oscar-John W - for amazing work on the journey of a seed

Oliver W - enthusiastic art work during art week

Isla S - fantastic Eric Carle illustration

Jonah S - for taking his time to create a fantastic flower picture using oil pastels

Evan L - for persevering to make his Eric Carle collage and paying attention to detail

Arthur H - for a fantastic description of a frog's life cycle

Rubie SV - for an excellent description of a frog's life cycle


Year 2

Evalyn S - making a fantastic clay bug

Dennis D - making a super clay bug

Savannah T - fantastic mosaic work

Dylan M - a wonderful dragonfly print

Amy P - an amazing ladybird print

All of Beech Class for working together to create a fantastic bug hunt

All of Pine Class for working together to create a fantastic bug hunt


Year 3

Imogen R – Platinum Reading Certificate

Lola K – Platinum Reading Certificate

Freya S – Platinum Reading Certificate

Imogen R – Gold Reading Certificate

Lola K – Gold Reading Certificate

Freya S – Gold Reading Certificate

Lola K – Writer of the Week

Billie T – Writer of the Week

Hasnain H – Writer of the Week

Victoria W – Orange Reading Certificate

Charlie F – Green Reading Certificate

Charlie F – Bronze Reading Certificate

Matilde M – Silver Reading Certificate

Jasmine C – Gold Reading Certificate

Penny L – Gold Reading Certificate

Penny L – Amazing Achievement Award

Leah M - Amazing Achievement Award

Alfie P – Writer of the Week

Nirvana J – Writer of the Week

George BT – Silver Reading Certificate

Ava S – Gold Reading Certificate

Charlie P – Gold Reading Certificate

All of 3E - Amazing Achievement Award

All of 3J – Amazing Achievement Award

Ash E - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Penny L – Writer of the Week

Oscar L – Writer of the Week

Emilia C – Mathematician of the Week

Penny L - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Adele M – Smart Mover Award

Evie H – Mathematician of the Week

Bart C – Mathematician of the Week

Dylan P – Amazing Achievement Award

Jacob S – Amazing Achievement Award

Cassidy M – School Council Membership 2018-2019

Dylan P – Smart Mover Award


Year 4

Thomas H – Yellow Reading Certificate

Evie P – Bronze Reading Certificate

Tristin DJ – Gold Reading Certificate

Emil L – Mathematician of the Week

Evie P – Writer of the Week

Maria D – Amazing Achievement Award

Alfie D - Amazing Achievement Award

Amelie T - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Maisie I – Mastery of Multiplication Tables Award

Freya N – Gold Reading Certificate

Jasmine B – Gold Reading Certificate

Ashton La – Gold Reading Certificate

Jasmine B – Writer of the Week

Jacob N – Mathematician of the Week

Bradley N - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Henry N – Yellow Reading Certificate

Anna-Maria Z – Yellow Reading Certificate

Logan D – Bronze Reading Certificate

Poppy – Bronze Reading Certificate

Charlie – Bronze Reading Certificate

Anna-Maria Z – Mathematician of the Week

Logan D - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Finley E – Silver Reading Certificate

Alfie D – Gold Reading Certificate

Rostislav V – Platinum Reading Certificate

Daisy E – Platinum Reading Certificate

Lena L – Silver Reading Certificate

Maisie H – Platinum Reading Certificate

Misha O – Platinum Reading Certificate

Logan D – Silver Reading Certificate

Peyton S – Platinum Reading Certificate


Year 5

Henry D - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Kamila B – Platinum Reading Certificate

Kinisi N – Platinum Reading Certificate

Tommy N – Amazing Achievement Award

Poppy-Mai H – Gold Reading Certificate

Katie P – Bronze Reading Certificate

Milo L – Silver Reading Certificate

Ethan F – Gold Reading Certificate

Joeboy S – Yellow Reading Certificate

Lilly-May D – Outstanding Citizen Award

Libby H - Outstanding Citizen Award

Jessica A - Outstanding Citizen Award

Seren D - Outstanding Citizen Award

Eden P - Outstanding Citizen Award

Mea M - Outstanding Citizen Award

Logan F - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Paul W – Smart Mover Award

Ollie H – Bronze Reading Certificate

Lizzie L - Outstanding Citizen Award

Natalie P - Outstanding Citizen Award

Kiera C - Outstanding Citizen Award

Paul W - Outstanding Citizen Award

Lilly-May D - School Council Membership 2018-2019

William P – Smart Mover Award

Lebron B-F – Amazing Achievement Award

Evie D – Gold Reading Certificate

William P – Gold Reading Certificate

Sophie B – Gold Reading Certificate

Jamillah R – Silver Reading Certificate

Nicky H - Outstanding Citizen Award

Dorcas A - Outstanding Citizen Award

Zuzanna R - Outstanding Citizen Award

Adam K - Outstanding Citizen Award

Isobel S - Outstanding Citizen Award


Year 6

Amber-Leigh E - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Ilana S – Platinum Reading Certificate

Hannah L – Gold Reading Certificate

Mia T – Silver Reading Certificate

Romilly W – Silver Reading Certificate

Amber-Leigh E – Bronze Reading Certificate

Lily L – Bronze Reading Certificate

Ava F – Green Reading Certificate

Brooklyn P – Yellow Reading Certificate

Holly M – Smart Mover Award

Lily Y - School Council Membership 2018-2019

Andrew M – Amazing Achievement Award

Jonathan W – Amazing Achievement Award

Jonathan W – Silver Reading Certificate

Rohan T – Silver Reading Certificate

Lily Y – Silver Reading Certificate

Dylan S – Bronze Reading Certificate

Ellie B-G - School Council Membership 2018-2019