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Personal, Social, Health Education at St Martin's

Pupils learn about various aspects of PSHE, where appropriate, as an integral part of class topics or through specifically designated activities, especially those linked to science and citizenship. The social ethos of the school is regularly discussed in circle time and each class draws up its own list of rules at the beginning of the school year. We aim to help the children to develop life skills by providing strategies which enable them to solve problems for themselves. We discuss British Values throughout the PSHE curriculum linking them to everyday life in the classroom.  The services of the school nurse are enlisted to help deliver other PSHE topics which include Health and Hygiene and Sex Education. Sex Education is specifically offered to pupils in Year 5 and under the provisions of the 1993 Education Act, parents can exercise their right to withdraw their child from all or part of the Sex Education Programme which is outside any compulsory elements of the National Curriculum. Parents are fully briefed about the contents of the programme and are given prior viewing of any DVDs that are used.


The Services of the NSPCC have been utilised to develop child protection and safeguarding to the children.  Drug Education is specifically offered to children in Year 6 to develop their understanding of legal and illegal drugs.