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The English National Curriculum is divided into 3 sections: Spoken Language, Reading and Writing.


At St Martin’s, we strive to equip all children with the skills to become competent, confident users of language in all its forms, enabling them to attain high standards in Literacy and Oracy. Each day, the children take part in a structured English lesson, where over the course of a week, they will have the opportunity to develop their skills in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, comprehension and phonological awareness. We use the National Curriculum as the basis for this work. Wherever possible we link our English work to our theme so the children can see a real purpose to their speaking, reading and writing. 


In Foundation and Key Stage 1 we teach Phonics in school using the 'North Somerset Phonics Into Early Spelling' programme. As children move through the early stages of acquiring Phonics, they practice by reading texts which are decodable from the various reading schemes.  They are given access to e-books through Bug Club, this can be accessed both at home and at school from a selection made by the teacher. 

Once children have a secure knowledge of letter/sound correspondences and can blend words confidently, they access our reading scheme from various publishers, which are designed to give children experience of a variety of reading genres. There are fiction and non-fiction books within each level. 

All children are encouraged to select books from the classroom, library or home to share with their parents to encourage a love of reading.

Once children can read fluently and with a good understanding, they self-select books for independent reading from the school library or from home. - Reception and Key Stage 1 children have their individual log in details in their reading record and teachers will update books as children complete the books and activities. YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD AN APP CALLED 'PUFFIN ACADEMY' IN ORDER TO PLAY CONTENT ON iPADS/SOME TABLETS. THE APP IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD. - A website with Phonics Games for both Reception and Key Stage 1.
  - Another website which is used in school to help children to practice their Phonic Skills. There is a free section of games on this website.