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New Primary Curriculum:
You may be aware the Government has introduced a new Primary National Curriculum which has been taught to most pupils from September 2014. There are fundamental changes to the content of the Curriculum and how children will be assessed. 
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Our curriculum is broad and designed to make the teaching and learning experience offered to our children as stimulating and exciting as possible.  We want them to really enjoy learning and develop skills which will prepare them for their future.  We have a 'Thematic' based curriculum, where some subjects will be taught in a cross curricular manner and linked to a theme.  

Year Groups send out a curriculum letter outlining what will be taught each term.  An important element of our ethos is to develop resilient learners who can apply their knowledge and skills to different problems, subjects and contexts.  We also reinforce a moral, spiritual and social understanding across all aspects of the curriculum.

You will find current TERMLY CURRICULUM LETTERS for individual year groups below, outlining the Termly Topics.  

You will also find an ANNUAL CURRICULUM OVERVIEW for each year group. 

Some of the websites we use at school to help children learn that you can also access at home!
Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 have their individual log in details in their reading record and teachers will update books as children complete the books and activities. YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD AN APP CALLED 'PUFFIN ACADEMY' IN ORDER TO PLAY CONTENT ON iPADS/SOME TABLETS. THE APP IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD.
This website has links to lots of maths games that are both computer and tablet friendly- children can practise their counting and calculation skills.
Another website with maths and phonics games for both Early Years and Key Stage One.
Another website that is used in school to help Reception and Key Stage 1 children to practise their phonic skills. There is a free section of games on this website.  


Other learning sites you may wish to visit include:                  

(Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children have their individual log in details.)