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Dorcas Agho - 4LG 

Heidi by Johana Spyri

I enjoyed this book, it is a classic!

The story is about a little girl called Heidi who goes to live with her grandfather in the mountains a long time ago.She makes friends with a boy called Peter who looks after the goats.Heidi is very happy but she has to go to the city to be a friend to a girl called Clara who is very rich and is in a wheelchair, Heidi likes Clara but misses her friend and grandfather a lot.

People who like stories about friendships would like this book, everyone should read a classic story.



Rhiannon Edwards - 5JM

Hercules by Sam Gayton

Hercufleas is a brilliant character! He is very brave and sometimes funny. He is a good friend to Greta. Greta is a very sad character, even at the end. I would like to have another story about Greta in which she finds a way to be happy again. My favourite bit was when the snake bit Hercufleas bottom!  I loved this book!




Jessica Allen - 4S

Littlenose the Hunter by John Grant

This was a very good book! I enjoyed Littlenose’s adventures he is the main character and I liked his pet mammoth, Two-Eyes. They were good friends. It was interesting because you can learn a lot about the people who lived thousands of years ago from this book. I think this book can be read by children who are 7 years and over especially if they like adventure stories.


Alfie Capille - Year 5 

Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii by Tim Collins


This book is very funny and you can actually learn a lot from it. It’s set in Roman times. If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid you should really read this – I didn’t think I was going to like it but I really did!



Kyran Fletcher - Year 6

Animalcolm by David Baddiel, Illustrated by Jim Field

Malcolm hates animals but his whole family love them.  One day he goes on a school trip…Oh no! To a farm!  Malcolm meets K-Pax the goat and then the story really begins. This is the best book I have ever read. It is a funny adventure with amazing moments. One of the best bits is the monkey moment- stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happens next but they throw poop at him! The pictures really add to the story too.

Adventure loving people who like to laugh will love this book!


Charlie - Year 2

Good Dog Lion - Alexander McCall Smith

I would give this book 10 out of 10 as it is a very good book. I really enjoyed it- I read some of it and my Mum read some of it to me and my brother and he liked it too. I really think people who like dogs would love this story as there is a very nice one in this book. There was a ‘Golden Ticket’ in this book so I got to choose a prize from the prize tin for reading it!


Adam White - 5JM

Varjak Paw  - S F Said

Varjak Paw is a great book, it is about a cat who learns to fight in the way of his ancestor Jalal. He leaves home and goes on a big adventure to stop evil baddies. It will be good for anyone aged 7 to 12. I really enjoyed it and rate this book five out of five! It was also a Golden Ticket Book so I got a prize for reading it all!


Divine - 5D

Death and the Arrow, Chris Priestly

This is a fantastic book full of mysteries; you never know what is going to happen next. It keeps you guessing right until the end. I have read the sequel ‘White Rider’ too. They are both brilliant. People who like adventure stories should read this book now!


Noah - Reception Oak Class

Monster by Angela McAllister and Charlotte Middleton

Daddy read this book to me at bedtime. The hamster fell in the food and got bigger and bigger!

Daddy reads me a book in English and Mummy reads to me in Japanese.



Kara - 6C

Anyone but Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp

I really enjoyed this book. Ivy Pocket is a really likeable character, she thinks she is a wonderful lady’s maid but she is not! She is actually always getting things wrong and no one wants her about but she thinks she is needed everywhere and gets involved in everything.  The story is an exciting adventure, lots of mystery and different interesting characters- it is even quite spooky as well as being quite funny.


Peter- 4JG

The Spy Who Loved School Dinners by Pamela Butchart

I like this book it made me laugh a lot- especially the ‘Shepherd Pie Spy’ bit! Issy the main character thinks Mathilde is a spy because she likes the horrible school dinner shepherd pie- there is definitely something weird about that!

I am going to read another Pamela Butchart book now ‘The Headteacher is a Vampire Rat’ – I think she is a really good author.



Kaine 4U

Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

I read this book on my Kindle and we talked a lot about it at Kindle Club. It took me quite a long time to read but it was really worth keeping reading even when the story slowed down because it soon got exciting again.

It is a really cool story because it is a good mixture of funny and sad things. There were some shocks as well- I was really frightened for the main character, Danny, sometimes. I recommended reading it at Kindle club and now 2 other people are trying it. I hope they like it as much as I do.


William Year 2

The Little Kipper Collection by Mick Inkpen


I loved the stories in this book- I read them all. My favourite was the one with the duck that said, ‘Honk!’  You will like this book especially if you like little ducks.

(10th February 2017)


Dagmara Year 2

My Creepy-Crawly Camping Adventure by Betty G. Birney


I read this in 2 days!

It’s a funny story about a school hamster that goes on a camping trip. People who like animals would like this story.


Amelia- Year 3

Temmi and the Frost Dragon by Stephen Elboz


This is a fantasy adventure to return the Icicle to the Frost Dragon’s Castle.

The book is full of imaginary creatures like Flying Polar Bears. There are some scary bits but I really like it because I like fantasy books.

It was a ‘Golden Ticket’ book so I got a prize from the prize tin!


Erik 4U

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke


This book is SO funny- I like the bit when Rat calls Sorrell ‘A Brainless Mushroom Muncher!’ It is a crazy quest story and people who like reading Beast Quest books would like this book. I loved it and want to write my own books like it.                         (6th February 2017)


Freya Year 6

Dustbin baby by Jacqueline Wilson


This book is so realistic- it makes you feel as if you were actually part of the story. It’s very emotional but I enjoyed it very much. It is the best Jacqueline Wilson book I have read!

If you like books about families and drama you should read this book.

(10th January 2017)


Ethan Year 3

‘Lost’ The Hundred Mile-an-Hour Dog’ by Jeremy Strong


I like the bit in this book near the end because the dog tells a story that goes


People who want cats and dogs to get on should read this book!

(10th January 2017)



"Hi I’m Adam in Year 3.


Try this book- ‘The Falcon’s Malteser’ by Anthony Horowitz.

You will like it if you like adventure stories and it is funny as well. If you like this book there are lots of others about The Diamond Brothers – I am reading my third one!"


(4th January 2016)



Eden  Year 3.


The Three Little Princesses by Georgie Adams and Emily Bolan.

I’ve read this book about 50 times! This book has my favourite things in it - Princesses! It is an adventure too. Read this book if you like lovely adventure stories! I am going to read the other books by these authors!






Sophie B 3J.


The Wide Window

Lemony Snicket

I like the characters in this book especially Aunt Josephine. I feel really sad for Violet, Klaus and Sonny as they are only children and do not have much luck. I think this book is very exciting and you can’t wait to find out what happens next.