... St Martin's SATs headlines '2018 our best ever results'. Well done to our Year 6 pupils - see Latest News below. St Martin's SATs headlines '2018 our best ever results'. Well done to our Year 6 pupils - see Latest News below.
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Amazing Achievements


Well done to our pupils who took on leadership roles at St Martin's School again this year.  This helps them to work as a team to build their self-esteem, learn how to negotiate with peers and improve leadership skills:


  • School Council
  • Play Leaders
  • Travel Ambassadors
  • iTeam
  • Sports Organising Committee





On the last day of term, 100% Attendance Certificates were awarded to:

Alfie D Year 3

Ava Ford Year 5

Benjamin R Year 4

Billie T Year 2

Bradley N Year 3

Caitlin E Year 5

Cassidy M Year 2

Ella R Year 6

Ellie M Year 1

Evie C Year 1

Gihaniya M Year 5

Henry R Year 1

Imogen G Year 2

Imogen R Year 2

Ionah E Year 5

Islan T Year 1

Jamee F-W Year 6

James T - Reception

Jason G Year 2

Jenna C Year 4

Joeby Year 2

Joshua G Year 1

Kyle T Year 6

Leo G Year 1

Lilly G - Reception

Logan F Year 4

Millie S Year 1

Milo L Year 4

Myles D Year 3

Nataniel S Year 5

Nicholas B Year 1

Noah T Year 1

Oliver C - Reception

Olivia H-F Year 4

Omar A Year 4

Rohan T Year 5

Stanley M Year 1



Arthur H - enjoying the Year 6 performance

Alfred L - sharing good ideas with his friends

Lilly Griffen -  recognising her digraphs in her reading

Leila M - focus during self sustained

Oliver C - concentrating during independent writing

Toby S - fabulous participation during Sports Day

Evan L - great contributions during Guided Reading

Miriam A - progress in handwriting

Tillie - progress in Maths

Blake B - bravery and a great learning attitude during his wrist injury

Isla S - being a fabulous friend

All children in Reception Classes for showing respectfulness, kindness, safe and being focused on their trip to the Sea Aquarium


Year 1

All of Willow Class - for above and beyond in their behaviour at Bristol Zoo

All of Chestnut Class - fantastic effort and participation in Sports Day

Jenson I-L - kind and caring manner to his friends

Millie S - for her amazing knowledge and questioning of Florence Nightingale

Vethesh - fantastic mark making of a mini beast

Sebastian S - super  money Maths

Harrison R - amazing Maths

Caitlin F - amazing Maths

Bradley W - for his fantastic progress in his handwriting

Danno W - for his fantastic knowledge and understanding of telling the time

Ella F - excellent attitude and effort in her writing this week

Toby D-H - Super Maths work, telling the time using o'clock and half past

Millie S - fantastic contribution in class discussions

Stanley M - sharing and working collaboratively 

Isaac S - segmenting and blending Phonics

Blake O - for his fantastic ideas in class and group discussions

Shenya H - for her fantastic writing and care in spelling

Denis D - for taking pride and care in his work and finishing it in time

Ronnie R - drawing a fantastic portrait of the sound collector

Alma M - making an amazing, creative Faberge egg that matched her design

Amy P - persevering with her handwriting

Toby - fantastic creative ideas to write a poem


Year 2

Kabu's T - super collaborative play and great English

Ethan P - super collaborative play

Evie H - working hard and trying her best

Alicia C-O - working well in a team

Kieran S - Fantastic focus on his learning

Imogen - fantastic book review for homework

Nirvana - brilliant behaviour on our trip

Lexi - being a good, kind friend to others

Imogen R - super work in Maths with turns and direction

Amy B - amazing effort at swimming

Erin S - brilliant effort with her handwriting

Leon L - fantastic art work making clay hunky punk

Nicholas - for super work solving word problems

Hasnain H - super start on his recount

MJ - great effort with oil pastels

Alfie F - great effort with handwriting

Hasnain H - good team work whilst playing Maths games - using times tables

Louis C - good team work whilst playing Maths games - using times tables

Beech Class - for creating a fantastic bug trail for all of their parents

Hazel Class - for amazing effort putting together their bug trail


Year 3

Aaron G – Gold Reading Certificate

Archie A - Amazing Achievement Award

Ifrit H – Amazing Achievement Award

Ifrit H – Yellow Reading Certificate

Jacob N - Amazing Achievement Award

Jason - Walk to School Award

Kallie S-V – Bronze Reading Certificate

Maisie H – Gold Reading Certificate

Myles D – Amazing Achievement Award

Sebastian - Walk to School Award

Thomas H - Silver Reading Certificate


Aaron G – Silver Reading Certificate

Amelie T – Gold Reading Certificate

Erin S – Silver Reading Certificate

Evie P – Green Reading Certificate

Harvey P – Lunchtime Play Award

Jasmine B – Green Reading Certificate

Lena L – Lunchtime Play Award

Maisy Churches - Amazing Achievement Award

Maris G – Yellow Reading Certificate

Poppy B - Amazing Achievement Award

Sebastian S – Lunchtime Play Award

Shayan F – Lunchtime Play Award

Thomas H – Yellow Reading Certificate

Tristin DJ – Bronze Reading Certificate

Violet W – Amazing Achievement Award

William R – Orange Reading Certificate


All of 3MH - Amazing Achievement Award

Amelie T – Amazing Achievement Award

Harvey P - Amazing Achievement Award

Lena L – Green Reading Certificate

Rhys M – Gold Reading Certificate

Samuel D – Amazing Achievement Award

Sebastian S – Green Reading Certificate

William R - Amazing Achievement Award


Year 4

Adam - Walk to School Award

Amelia C – Green Reading Certificate

Amelia W – Gold Reading Certificate

Bailey - Walk to School Award

Chioma - Walk to School Award

Chloe - Walk to School Award

Conner - Walk to School Award

Daniel - Walk to School Award

Dominik - Walk to School Award

Elisha - Walk to School Award

Ellis - Walk to School Award

Emily T – Green Reading Certificate

Emma K – Mathematician of the Week

Evie - Walk to School Award

Filip K – Writer of the Week

Grace - Walk to School Award

Grace W – Silver Reading Certificate

Harvey - Walk to School Award

Henry - Walk to School Award

Isobel S – Writer of the Week

Jack N – Amazing Achievement Award

Jayden - Walk to School Award

Joshua S – Bronze Reading Certificate

Kiera C – Orange Reading Certificate

Kiera C – Writer of the Week

Lebron - Walk to School Award

Lilly-May - Walk to School Award

Lily H – Amazing Achievement Award

Lizzie L – Bronze Reading Certificate

Logan F – Orange Reading Certificate

Marlowe - Walk to School Award

Marlowe E – Yellow Reading Certificate

Mason D – Writer of the Week

Meggie L – Silver Reading Certificate

Nicky H – Mathematician of the Wek

Olivia - Walk to School Award

Omar A – Silver Reading Certificate

Rio - Walk to School Award

Seren - Walk to School Award

Seren D – Mathematician of the Week

Taylor - Walk to School Award

Taylor S – Silver Reading Certificate

Theo - Walk to School Award

Tommy - Walk to School Award

Veronika - Walk to School Award

William R – Mathematician of the Week

Zuzia - Walk to School Award


Adam K – Silver Reading Certificate

Chloe L – Writer of the Week

Daniel Q – Lunchtime Play Award

Daniel Q – Writer of the Week

Dorcas A – Lunchtime Play Award

Ethan F – Green Reading Certificate

Evie D – Lunchtime Play Award

Jayden L – Yellow Reading Certificate

Jessica A – Silver Reading Certificate

Kiera C - Lunchtime Play Award

Kiki N - Lunchtime Play Award

Kinisi N – Green Reading Certificate

Lily H – Lunchtime Play Award

Lily-May D – Lunchtime Play Award

Maciek H – Mathematician of the Week

Megan F – Orange Reading Certificate

Megan F – Writer of the Week

Rio S – Writer of the Week

Summer B – Green Reading Certificate

Theo S - Mathematician of the Week

Zuzia R – Orange Reading Certificate


Year 5

Abi - Walk to School Award

Abi P – Writer of the Week

Aleksandra - Walk to School Award

Amy N – Gold Reading Certificate

Andrew - Walk to School Award

Arsen - Walk to School Award

Arsen M – Gold Reading Certificate

Bradley - Walk to School Award

Callum B – Mathematician of the Week

Connor - Walk to School Award

Eisra T – Silver Reading Certificate

Ella - Walk to School Award

Erick - Walk to School Award

Evie –Rose V – Gold Reading Certificate

Evie-Rose V – Pen License

Fisra - Walk to School Award

Freija - Walk to School Award

Harmony - Walk to School Award

Harvey - Walk to School Award

Holly - Walk to School Award

Jack - Walk to School Award

Jaroslav - Walk to School Award

Joe - Walk to School Award

Joseph - Walk to School Award

Joseph O’R – Platinum Reading Certificate

Kacper P – Silver Reading Certificate

Kasper - Walk to School Award

Klaudia - Walk to School Award

Lily Y – Gold Reading Certificate

Maddi D – Bronze Reading Certificate

Madison - Walk to School Award

Natalia - Walk to School Award

Natalia C – Mathematician of the Week

Nataniel - Walk to School Award

Ollie - Walk to School Award

Oscar M - Walk to School Award

Oskar - Walk to School Award

Paul N – Writer of the Week

Peter - Walk to School Award

Rhiannon - Walk to School Award

Rohan T – Writer of the Week

Ruby T – Writer of the Week

Serenity - Walk to School Award

Sofia - Walk to School Award


Ben C - Lunchtime Play Award

David G – Bronze Reading Certificate

Dillan B – Orange Reading Certificate

Evie E – Bronze Reading Certificate

Evie-Rose V – Writer of the Week

Harmony H – Platinum Reading Certificate

Jack P – Bronze Reading Certificate

Jack P – Gold Reading Certificate

Jonathan W – Silver Reading Certificate

Maddi D – Writer of the Week

Natalia C – Bronze Reading Certificate

Oscar M – Bronze Reading Certificate

Reece W – Gold Reading Certificate

Rhiannon E – Writer of the Week

Sofia S – Gold Reading Certificate

Ben C - Amazing Achievement Award

Sally H – Platinum Reading Certificate

Rhiannon E – Platinum Reading Certificate


Year 6

ALL Year 6 Actors - Amazing Achievement Award

Alex – Walk to School Award

Brendon W - Amazing Achievement Award

Gabriel T - Walk to School Award

Jamie N - Walk to School Award

Maya H - Walk to School Award

Tommy C - Amazing Achievement Award


Alfie P – Amazing Achievement Award

Caitlin D – Writer of the Week

Evelyn L - Amazing Achievement Award

Jacob S - Lunchtime Play Award

Jacob S – Mathematician of the Week

Joseph G – Amazing Achievement Award

Josiah – Lunchtime Play Award

Kyran F – Writer of the Week

Kyran F – Mathematician of the Week

Jamie N – Mathematician of the Week

All Year 6 Girls - Amazing Achievement Award