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Amazing Achievements




Well done to our pupils who took on leadership roles at St Martin's School. This helps them to work as a team to build their self-esteem, learn how to negotiate with peers and improve leadership skills. 




Playground Pal - Reception Elm Class

- for consistently good behaviour on the Playground this week

Tidy Ted - Reception Ash Class

- for keeping their classroom spotless all week!

Homework Hero - Year 2 Beech Class

- for their excellent homework last week

(Awarded 9th June 2017 KS1 Assembly)



Matyas Kraskowski - being helpful in class

Declan Ayres - persevering with his target of not calling out on the carpet

Amy Parrott - practising sounds

Joshua George - contributing his ideas during class discussions

Noah Thorpe - fantastic music, playing his instrument in time to the beat


Year 1

Pippa Smith-Cole - taking pride and care

Oscar House - Amazing work on weight

Taylah Hughes and Cassidy McArthur- a fantastic recount of The Ugly Duckling story

Summer Lonsdale and Matilde Mota - writing a fantastic story of The Ugly Ducking


Year 2

Todd Hoyle - good understanding of needs and wants in money week

Michail Orel - good writing about the artist Rousseau

Lucas Small - Fantastic improvement in swimming

Tilly Causer - Fantastic effort in all her learning this week

Rhys Merrett - improvement in work and behaviour over Year 2

Maria Gajewicz - excellent behaviour and hard work all year


Year 3

Lizzie Lintern – Amazing achievement

Lucy Nettleton – Loud – Amazing achievement

Amelia way – Amazing achievement

Omar Anca – Amazing achievement

Jacob Rumble – Reading certificate

Kinisi Natabuturu – Reading certificate

Amelia Way – Gold certificate

Maddison Mansfield – Amazing achievement

Omar Anca – Gold certificate

Libby Hadley – Silver certificate

William Parish – Reading certificate

Nicky Hicks – Amazing achievement

Isobel Sedgewick – Amazing achievement

Harvey Harding – Amazing achievement

Casper Niemczyk – Amazing achievement

Connor Mannion – Amazing achievement

Chloe Locke – Amazing achievement

Isobel Spratt – Silver certificate

Lucas Shaw – Silver certificate

Heidi Croxall – Pen licence

Rio Selway – Pen Licence

Ben Renhard – Pen licence

Eden Pink Pen Licence


Year 4

Sofia Soh – Reading certificate

Julian Trzonkowski – Silver Certificate

Kacper Plonowski – Gold Certificate

Jasmine Old – Gold Certificate

Sally Henderson – Platinum Award

Ruby Thomas – Mastery of Multiplication

Freija Dudbridge - Mastery of Multiplication

Harmony Hull – Mastery of multiplication

Romilly Walton – Bronze certificate

Frejia Dudbridge – Bronze certificate

Mia Townsend - Reading certificate

Jack Plummer – Silver certificate

Amy Nisbett – Gold certificate

Harmony Hull – Gold certificate

Lily Yea – Amazing achievement

Frejia Dudbridge - Amazing achievement

Alfie Capille – Gold certificate

Brooklyn Pring – Mastery of multiplication

Joshua De Jager – Gold certificate

Dawid Gryzbowski – Gold certificate

Wiktoria Delak – Silver certificate

Dylan Sluce – Bronze certificate

Abigail Page – Bronze certificate

Ella Treadwell – Bronze certificate

Porsha Hyett – Bronze certificate

Jaroslav Tomanicek – Amazing achievement


Year 5

Alfie Readings – Outstanding Citizen

Taylor Hobbs – Writer of the week

Imogen Old – Gold certificate

Samuil Vasilev – Gold certificate

Keria Crispin – Silver certificate

Dominic Hawkins – Silver certificate

Divine Agho – Silver certificate


Year 6

All of Class 6U – Amazing Achievement

All of year 6C – Amazing achievement

Shereece Campbell – Amazing Achievement Award 


Alfie Readings 5S – Outstanding Citizen Award