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Amazing Achievements




Well done to our pupils who took on leadership roles at St Martin's School. This helps them to work as a team to build their self-esteem, learn how to negotiate with peers and improve leadership skills. 




Playground Pal - Reception Elm Class

- for consistently good behaviour on the Playground this week

Tidy Ted - Reception Ash Class

- for keeping their classroom spotless all week!

Homework Hero - Year 2 Beech Class

- for their excellent homework last week




(to follow)


Year 1

Willow Class - for making a positive start and being a fantastic team

Maple Class - coming back ready to work and being helpful to each other

Jenson Iverson-Lyons - A fantastic attitude to his learning

Lily Spratt - for her fantastic discussions and listening to others

Matyas Kraskowski - super Phonics

Aemlie O'Reilly - being a good role model


Year 2

Beech Class - for a super first week of Year 2

Hazel Class - for a brilliant start to Year 2 and setting a good example

Pine Class - for a great start to Year 2

Cassidy McArthur - for brilliant story writing and trying her best

Jason Griffin - for working really hard on his story map

Billie Taylor - super Year 1 attitude and hard work

Kiean McLarrie - super Phonics


Year 3

Kallie Spencer –Vile – Amazing Achievement

Michail Orel – Amazing Achievement

Skye- Marie Cheetham – Amazing Achievement

Szymon Lata – Amazing Achievement

Charlie Hudson – Amazing achievement award

Maria Diaconescu – Amazing achievement award

Peyton Slade – Amazing achievement

Amelie Taylor – Amazing achievement

Lucas Small – Amazing achievement

Michal Orel – Amazing achievement

Oliver Hannis – Writer of the week

Oscar Smith-Cole – Amazing achievement


Year 4

Adam Kravchenko – Amazing Achievement

Filip Kolacz – Outstanding Citizen

Jayden Lawrence – Outstanding Citizen

Kamila Bargiel – Amazing Achievement

Kaycee Howe – Amazing Achievement

Kiera Clark – Outstanding Citizen

Oliver Martin – Outstanding Citizen

Eleanor Stoddart – Amazing achievement

Ethan Flavell – Writer of the week

Joshua Sowerbutts – Mathematician of the week

Lebron Bates-Foncette – Writer of the week

Lilly May Dewhurst – Mathematician of the week

Maggie Lindfield – Writer of the week

Mason Davies – Mathematician of the week

Ben Renhard – Writer of the week

Bethany Page – Mathematician of the week

Evie Fear – Writer of the week

Harrison Balsham – Mathematician of the week

Theo Singfield – Mathematician of the week

Zuzanna Rogala – Amazing achievement


Year 5

Ilana Skelton – Amazing Achievement

Jasmine Old – Amazing Achievement

Kyle Harvey – Amazing Achievement

Lily Yea – Amazing Achievement

Paul Natabuturu – Amazing Achievement

Peter Lonsdale – Amazing Achievement

Abigail Page – Outstanding Citizen

Daniel Feltham – Amazing achievement

Eisra Tamasaukaite – Amazing achievement

Ellie Bomford – Glaysher – Amazing achievement

Julian - Mathematician of the week

Kaine Francis – Outstanding Citizen

Leighton Hislop – Mathematician of the week

Mia Townsend – Amazing achievement

Sally Henderson – Amazing achievement

Sofia Soh – Mathematician of the week

Colette Unwin – Writer of the week

Jack Parrott – Writer of the week

Jaro Tomanicek – Mathematician of the week

Jonathon Winter – Writer of the week

Rhiannon Edwards – Writer of the week

Serenity Mitchell – Amazing achievement

Weronika Opeitek – Writer of the week

Wiktoria Delak – Mathematician of the week


Year 6

Connor Mitchell – Amazing Achievement

Gabriel Toth – Amazing Achievement

Josiah Pring – Mathematician of the week

Kyran Fletcher – Amazing achievement

Robbie Hicks – Writer of the week

Alyssa Jansen – Writer of the week

Anais Gunner – Amazing achievement

Dominic Hawkins – Mathematician of the week

Maya Hull – Mathematician of the week

Dan Jones – Mathematician of the week

Kalem Lawerence – Writer of the week

Alex Soch – Amazing achievement

Imogen Old – Mathematician of the week